Options Trading Workshop

2-Day Online Workshop with P R Sundar

Learn the art of making money consistently & more importantly the art of not losing money in markets using the best adjustment and firefighting strategies devised by India's top Options Trader P R Sundar.

The workshop is 50% Live, 50% Recorded. You need to watch 10 chapters on the site (5 videos on Day 1, 5 videos on Day 2) - after watching each chapter, you need to come to ZOOM app where P R Sundar will be available for a live Q&A session; doubts and queries regarding that chapter will be clarified + additional tips and guidance will be provided.

Minimum Capital required to benefit from this workshop: ₹8-10 Lakhs. Never borrow money for trading or for paying fees.
Pre-Requisite: Basic to Intermediate Knowledge in Options Trading.

  •  Options Buying vs Selling
  •  Directional Strategies
  •  Non-Directional Strategies
  •  Adjustments & Firefighting
  •  Hedging in Options
  •  Delta Hedging in Options
  •  Margin Management
  •  Risk Management

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December 5 & 6 - 9AM to 4PM
  •  47200
4 Seats Left
December 19 & 20 - 9AM to 4PM
  • Early Bird Discount
  •  47200   41300
January 9 & 10 - 9AM to 4PM
  • Early Bird Discount
  •  47200   35400


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